Elite Sports & Family Performance Summit *REPLAY*

This training is for coaches, athletes & parents who want to learn about energy, strength, movement & recovery.
Sports families… we know life is crazy, chaotic! It can be difficult to navigate it all. We get it, we’re there too!
If you’re looking to learn….

1. What to eat before travel ball tournaments
2. Foods that maximize energy without supplements
3. How to manage weight for combat athletes
4. Advice on managing your fueling budget
5. How to stay healthy inside your busy lifestyle

From a professional who spends their time working with high level athletes, coaches & families in the nutrition field.
We’re learning from Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist, Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist & Wellness Educator, Stef Rock with Rock Performance. Over the past 20+ years, she’s helped kids crush their athletic goals… teaching them to fuel their body & brain for their work, recovery & growth.
We also have Strength & Conditioning Coach, Matt Ricks with HitSquad Elite leading sessions on all things movement, athlete development, mobility & family fitness solutions.

$9.99 USD